The Ferrero Group approves Consolidated Financial Statements as of 31st August 2012 with a turnover of 7.8 billion euros

Ferrero International S.A., parent company of the Ferrero Group, has approved the Group’s Consolidated Financial Statements relating to the financial year ending 31st August 2012, on that date made up of sixty-nine consolidated companies with eighteen production sites, three of which operate as Social Enterprises, serving over one hundred end markets.

The Group, whose Chief Executive Officer is Giovanni Ferrero, closed the year with a consolidated turnover of 7,795 million euros, up 8% from the previous year at 7,218 million euros.

Despite the continuing difficult international context and the consequent negative economic trend, characterised by the on-going slowdown in food consumption in some European markets, the Ferrero Group has nonetheless managed to further strengthen.

This growth was the result of an extraordinary dynamism in the areas of the Group’s recent expansion (with excellent results in Asia, the United States and Russia), as well as the constant efforts of innovation, research and development.

Performance has been particularly positive for the products “Kinder Joy” (in Italy “Kinder Merendero”), “Raffaello” and “Nutella”, which helped the overall growth in different markets, with an increase from the previous year of 24.4%, 9.4% and 8.9% respectively.

The result of the Group’s financial year, with a pre-tax profit of 878 million euros, is a 2.5% increase compared to the previous year. It underlines however the difficulty of the international economic context in which there is a trend of price increases for principal raw materials, packaging materials and energy, which Ferrero decided not to pass on to the consumers. This is without taking into consideration the high financial volatility that has affected all of the geographical areas.

The average number of Ferrero employees in the year 2011/2012 is 22,298, a further increase from the previous period (21,913). This is mainly made up of employees working in the Group’s industrial sites in every corner of the world, confirming the constant attention to the management of human resources.

The new investments made by Ferrero in the last year are equal to 446 million euros, of which 401 million (5.1% of sales) were directed at strengthening its industrial and production activities, mainly in Italy, Germany, Poland, Canada and Russia, as well as the start-up of new factories in Turkey and Mexico, which during 2013 will bring the total number of the Group’s production sites to twenty.